pms trafo control1 tnIsolating transformer:

We avoid by the use of an isolating transformer problems caused by frequently occurring changes in the current (mains frequency, sine function of the mains curve, frequency cuts, DC components, compensation currents etc.) For physical reasons, a separating transformer can only inductively convert sine-shaped alternating current and thus ensures a very clean supply of connected consuments.

The maximum load capacity is 250 VA. For devices with higher power requirements pls. see description Module TRAFO ­CONTROL. Operational safety is ensured by an ON/OFF circuit breaker, a switch allows you to choose between power supply directly from the mains (D) or via the filter module (F). Two devices, which are technically similar, e.g. CD drive and DA converter, can be connected to the two Schuko outputs. A control light informs You about the operation of the transformer.


pms trafo control tnRearview